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”Creating something always requires problem solving. Steku constructor teaches children to look for problems and solve them.”
Tiia Õun, Tallinn University, docent of preschool education

All of the problem-solving deck cards - Steku’s set includes problem-solving deck cards which can be used while building a construction.

These cards make solving exercises more interesting and practical. Every card has written on them a story about a problem. Taking into account the child’s development, the adult can expand these stories. There are guiding questions which help to really focus on the subject and create a discussion. To support creativity and fantasy, the child can examine the pictures and describe the story without reading it. By using Steku constructor’s pieces children can solve the problem individually or in a group. One possible solution is displayed on the smaller picture next to it, but all the children’s answers can be considered correct. It is important to explain the chosen answer and to creatively construct the imagined tool or instrument.
Steku constructor allows the child to learn through playing and thereby the learning process takes place without even a notice.
Three cards are supplied with story and questions, other three are free to great new story and new questions. Black and white cards can be printed out.


It’s evening time; Paul and Liisa have brushed their teeth and are going to sleep. At the same time busy ants are working outside. They are building a new home underneath the old dam. The ants work all night to gather spruce prickles and other useful things. They find the best building material under a tree across the road. The journey from the tree to the nest is long and exhausting. The ants take a rest under the tree. In the morning the ants wake up to a loud racket. They notice that the sunrise has awakened the people who are now driving to work in their cars. The ants are worried because now it is impossible to cross the road and they cannot get back home. How can Liisa and Paul help the ants?

At what time do you go to sleep?
At what time to you wake up?
Why does night follow day?
What do the ants use to build their home?
Have you ever seen an anthill?
How many legs does an ant have?

One possible solution:

Tegevuskaart 2


The colourful autumn has arrived. Children are playing in the piles of leaves. At the same time, migrant birds are getting ready for a long journey to fly to a warm country. Looking at the birds, Liisa and Paul also wish to escape the cold and travel to a warm country. “Why can’t we also have wings so we could fly to wherever we want?” ponder Liisa and Paul. How can Liisa and Paul travel to warm countries?

Why do birds migrate?
Name some migrant birds!
Why is it warm in Africa?
Name different types of transportation!

One possible solution:

Bird solution


It’s winter time. The ground is covered in snow and the usual temperature outside is over minus ten degrees. Liisa and Paul are playing with blocks inside. Paul suggests they go outside to play. The children put on warm clothes and go outside to build a snowman. While building the snowman they start feeling a little bit cold. To feel warm again, they go skiing. When they arrive at the big oak tree, they see great titmice that are full of hope searching for some food in the thick snow. Close by there is a hungry fox lying in wait. How can Liisa and Paul help the birds?

What are the winter months?
At what temperature does water freeze to ice?
What else can you do outside in winter?
How can you help the animals in the winter?
What do birds eat? What do foxes eat?
Name some migrant birds!

One possible solution:

Bird solution


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