”A child learns math primarily by action -
testing and trying out in order to develop the ability to think about matters
which are not directly perceivable. Steku blocks are very suitable for this action.”
Math teacher Irja Rebane

Steku constructor’s pieces are all the same shape but are in six different sizes, the blocks have one to six notches. These parts can be used to teach basic knowledge in mathematics (using them as calculation blocks, concept: less, more, taller, shorter). To build strong and lasting constructions one must take into account the size of the pieces. The manual displays five different exercises which develop spatial perception. To complete the exercise, the children are given a certain amount of blocks and, with some guidance from the teacher, they build a foreshown construction. When the construction is finished the students will pick one from four pictures A, B, D, and C, which represents their built creation. Students can rotate their construction and look at it from different angles. The manual offers different ideas for Steku constructor’s pieces, so they can be used to solve mathematicalequations and problems.


100 % NATURAL wooden product

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